By offering an artwork, you offer an original and unique gift !
An artwork is unique, sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist;
You get personalized recommendations;;
The recipient can exchange it within one month of purchase.

Think of it for any occasion ! birthdays, mothers'day or fathers'day,Christmas,
business corporate gift, wedding gift

Offer a group gift ! we can arrange it !
Open Art Galerie facilitates the organization by opening a "Gift Account" for the attention of the recipient:
  1. The organizer chooses the artwork
  2. The organizer of the common gift will stat by choosing an artwork and provide us with the nature of the event (birthday, retirement, wedding,...) and the name of the beneficiary. Then, we will open a "Gift Account" for the beneficiary.
  3. The organizer informsthe participants
  4. The organizer will indicate to the participants the price of the artworks and the name of the artist, stating that the submisson of contributions to the "common gift" is to "Open Art Gallery".
  5. The beneficiary receives the artwork
  6. The organizer will be notified once the settlement is completed and be advised to come and collect the artwork or request a home delivery.If donations are higher than the value of the artwork initially selected, the beneficiary will receive la balance under the form of an Open Art Gallery voucher.
  7. Your guarantees
  8. As for sale, we offer:
    - Time for return: you have 14 days to return the artwork in exchange for a voucher.
    - Home delivery: the artwork is shipped throughout France or abroad .
    Consult us.

Think about the Gift Voucher
A simple way to please without going wrong!
You set yourself the amount of your gift voucher (valid for 12 months).
On the gift, we can put your message to the recipient's attention.
You can order by Internet: click herei

Wedding gift
Whether or not you already have standard wedding list, why not being offered a piece of art on the occasion of your marriage?
This unique and original gift will also be shared with friends and family.We invite you to contact us to find the best way to realize your gift project.

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